Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure

TSD is organized into four divisions:

Instruction, Student Life, and Business Services, with the Executive Division overseeing all of these.


The Executive Division is administered by the Superintendent and includes Legal Services, Human Resources, Maintenance and Facilities, the Statewide Outreach Center (SOC), and Information Technology.


The Instructional Services Division is administered by the Director of Instruction and includes responsibility for all academic school programs including Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Career and Technical Education, Curriculum,  Instructional Support & Assessment, and Professional Development/ASL Support. The division includes programs for students who need more structured services, the 18+ transitional program (ACCESS). This division also includes all Special Education Services, including Admissions, Family & Student Advocacy Services, Interpreting Services, Student Health Services, and other Support Services.


The Student Life Division is administered by the Director of Student Life and includes responsibility for dorm programs for students in Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Special Needs. The Student Life division includes Residential Services, Student Development, Athletics, Homegoing Transportation, Student Resources which provides programs and support outside school hours.


The Business Services Division is administered by the Chief Financial Officer and includes Accounting, Budgeting, Food Services, Purchasing, Records Management, Safety/Risk Management, Property Management, and Transportation.