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It is important to us that your child benefits from the full educational programming that TSD has to offer. Although we accept applications year round, we highly encourage applicants to apply by April 1st so that August admission is not delayed. Any applications received after that could result in a delay in your child’s start date. In order to ensure that TSD is the best place for your child, a thorough review of your child must be done and all documents must be received before the process can begin. High School students wishing to apply at the end of February and on are advised to stay enrolled at their homeschool and enroll in the fall as the transfer of credits can cause delays in their graduation date. ARD season begins in January and this time of year is very busy in regard to scheduling. Please be aware that although we make all attempts to expedite the process, the availability of required committee members and limited scheduling time can cause delays. 


Unlike public schools, Texas School for the Deaf has an eligibility criterion for admission. Minimum requirements for potential TSD enrollment are as follows:
  • Has a residence in Texas
  • Is between the ages of 3 and 22 years old
  • Has an updated immunization record
  • Has a documented hearing loss
*Because TSD only serves students who are deaf and hard of hearing, students must have documentation of a hearing loss identified by a physician and have had a complete special education evaluation by a school district or agency.
According to Texas Education Code 30.051(a); TSD is not intended to serve:
*Students whose needs are appropriately addressed in a home or hospital setting or a residential treatment facility.
*Students whose primary, ongoing needs are related to a severe or profound emotional, behavioral, or cognitive deficit.